I’ve developed a free public toilet locating app

I’m the developer and founder of Toilets4London – a free and open source public toilet locating app for London. I am using datasets sent in by councils and community groups as well as data scraped from council websites. My aim is to make this the most up to date source of info on where to find publicly accessible toilets in London. I am committed to updating the app and keeping it free and transparent. There are also features to report inaccurate data and rate toilets.

The app is being actively supported by the Greater London Authority after I won the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Smart Cities Award with the idea, and beyond the app itself, after lockdown I hope to lead a city wide campaign encouraging more businesses to sign up to community toilet schemes.

The app is available for both iOS and Android and you can find links to download at https://www.toilets4london.com/ .

For those that are concerned, the app has no ads, does not collect any user data, uses minimal memory space on your phone and I try my best to optimise for accessibility (if you have problems using the app due to any kind of impairment, please let me know and I will try to adapt.)

If you have any app feedback, issues or ideas, feel free to contact me. You’ll find a contact form on the website or you can use the app to send me an email. Also please note that although I try to do whatever possible to keep data up to date and accurate, at the moment councils are not great at keeping track of their public toilets and effectively sharing open data which means that there may be some inaccuracies. Please rest assured that I am trying my best to improve this situation but everything takes time : )


Thank you everyone for the support and suggestions! I am a full time uni student and am the only developer working on Toilets4London which limits the speed at which I can incorporate your ideas but I will certainly try my best! Iā€™m gonna take a break from replying to comments here but thank you all for the input šŸ™‚

Baker Street

It hasn’t changed much in 157 years, aside from the platform height and electrification. The world’s oldest undeground station, Baker Street!